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  1. Register with your complete Company details. Avoid using abbreviations. 
  2. Ensure the completeness of the following information including: 
    1. Address should include the number, street/ avenue, city, or municipality. (Ex. Building 3, Block 3, Lot 2, First Avenue, Cavite Economic Zone, Rosario, Cavite)
    2. Indicate all applicable Business Type. (Ex. Importer, Exporter, End-User, Distributor, Manufacturer) 
    3. Key officials and their position (Ex. CEO, it must be Chief Executive Officer) and title (Ex. Mr., Mrs., Ms., Engr., etc.)
    4. Official email address
  3. Do not fill-out the extension name if there is none. Leave it blank, do not write anything. Do not encode “NOT APPLICABLE” or N/A.
  4. After the registration, you may proceed to the application form. 

NOTE: BROKERS are not allowed to register. The authorized representative of the company has the duty to inform the Board of any material changes by updating the company profile in the system. (Examples: change of address, warehouse, manager etc.) 


  1. Ensure the completeness of information such as the country of origin, port of entry, product name, HS Code, estimated quantity, uses, and product class. 
  2. Select the appropriate application category whether Certification for Non-Controlled Chemicals/Finished products or Certificate of Exemption for products containing controlled chemicals under Tables I and II of the 1988 UN Convention. 

Completely fill-out application form.

    1. TYPE the complete product name as indicated in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) EXCLUDING the special character. DO NOT COPY PASTE.
    2. Always Indicate the percentage concentration (%) or purity of the Controlled Chemicals. Controlled chemicals may be one or more present in the mixtures/ finished products.
    3. Select the correct HS code of the product in the drop-down list. HS code is a multipurpose international product nomenclature and the correct tariff description and classification for goods you intend to import or export. This may be found in your SDS/ MSDS
    4. All files should not be password protected. Otherwise, application will be automatically disapproved.
    5. Save each requirement separately. Do not continuously scan your requirements in one pdf. Check and review the document being uploaded to the system before submission of application.

NOTE: Application for TRAMADOL HCL must include the brand name based on the FDA issued CPR, the exact quantity, correct dosage form, and the addresses of the exporter, Manufacturer, and/or distributor. 

Uploading of Documents

  1. Make sure your document has been saved to your computer preferably in a dedicated folder to OACEIS

  2. Scanned document must be clear and complete

  3. Submitted documents must be updated, accurate, true and correct

NOTE: Uploaded documents must be scanned copy in PDF format with the maximum file size of 15mb per upload. Otherwise, it is advised to split the uploading of documents.